A Simple Guide Towards The Process of Hiring

A Simple Guide Towards The Process of Hiring

Do you ever have an idea of how employers hire employees?

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Organizations often have positions that need to be filled up by employees who are going to contribute significantly towards the success of the organization. Human resource managers in organizations conduct the process of hiring in order to hire employees suitable for vacant positions.

Hiring Process

The process of reviewing applications, selecting and conducting interviews for the right candidates, and making the final decision to hire a candidate is known as the hiring process. HR managers conduct the process of hiring. It is a very extensive process. However, it is an effective yet efficient way to hire an employee from a pool of talented applicants.

There are multiple steps involved in the process of hiring

The Hiring Process

Identify the need for the position

Before carrying on with the hiring process, it is important to identify the need for hiring the person. The companies have to check whether the position in the comany is needed or not. The reason for the need can be any ranging from a new vacant position to needing more employees. The need of hiring an employee can also arise if the company is looking for expanding its team.

Formulate Recruitment Plan

Planning your recruitment is the second step in the hiring process. This is the step where the HR department works on the job description, define goals to align with the job opening, advertising the job opening, and who is responsible for what during the process. The planning recruitment process is a significant part of the hiring process.

Job Description

It is important to write a job description for the position you’re interested in hiring. The job description comprises a list of requirements, qualifications, and experience required for the job by the candidate. The job description should also list information about the salary and benefits offered.

Advertise Job Position

The advertising job position is also an important step in the process of hiring. You need to make your job available to the people and potential candidates so that they can apply. Post your ads on different websites so that people can become aware of the new opening at your company. However, if you plan to fill up the position internally, it might not be necessary to advertise. External publicity comprises of multiple mediums such as newspapers, brochures, job fairs, and word-of-mouth. Advertise your job position on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Application Reviews

Once your job posting has been advertised people will submit job applications. The human resource department reviews job applications and eliminates the one which is not suitable for the position as per the job description. From a large pool of applicants, job seekers who do not meet the minimum job requirements are eliminated. Once the batch of job applicants suitable for the position is classified, the hiring managers move to the next step.

Initial Screening

HR representatives perform initial screening of the candidates through telephonic interviews. The candidates are assessed during the telephonic interview where the HR representative check whether the candidate is able to align with the company’s culture, values, and have the required qualifications for the job.


The stages of the interview vary with the size of the organization and the human resource team. HR officers interview the remaining candidates. There are usually three stages of interviews; initial interview, additional interview, and final interview. However, for smaller companies, there is usually one interview only after which the organization either hires or rejects on the basis of his profile.


Bigger companies, in the IT industry specifically, also make candidates go through a recruitment test that evaluates their skills required for technical positions. Some companies also conduct standardized testing which evaluates the personality of the candidate, their problem-solving, and reasoning abilities. HR officers asses other qualities like reading comprehension and emotional intelligence in individuals as well. Not all companies assign standardized tests to the applicants. Hence, the stage of testing in the hiring process is optional for some companies and mandatory for some.

Background and Reference Check

All the companies conduct background and reference check. HR officers check previous records of candidates with respect to their previous employment history and verification, criminal records. The social media accounts of candidates are also checked by some companies which allow companies to evaluate whether the candidate is able to represent the company in a professional manner. Companies make a reference check from their previous employment company to know about the work conduct of the candidate. Moreover, they also verify the previous employment history of the candidates.

Job Offer Letter

After all the company performs all the stages in the hiring process and has identified the top candidate, candidate gets the job offer letter. The job offer letter conveyed to the candidate consists of all the information related to salary, bonuses, health and insurance, benefits, and other policies related to the company. Individual can negotiate after he or she is offered a job. The candidates and HR can negotiate on salary, working mode, and flexible working schedule.

In a nutshell, the hiring process in all the companies is the same. However, you can alter some steps or add them depending on the size of the company and its HR committee. A detailed process of hiring is important for the success of the organization.

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