Top 5 E-Commerce Merchandising Strategies To Enhance Customer Experience And Increase Sales

E-commerce merchandising strategies

Top 5 E-Commerce Merchandising Strategies To Enhance Customer Experience And Increase Sales

As an e-commerce merchandiser, your goal is quite simple; creating an enhanced shopping experience for your consumers while generating revenue for your company. One of the success factors that contribute to this field is to be as relevant as possible. Your company should be delivering information and products that the customers are seeking. 

As an e-commerce retailer, the sales generated by your business depends on a lot more other things than SEO. You need to create an environment where the customers can experience products in real without even touching them. For an appealing and reliable shopping experience, it is important to make use of the right tools and techniques to deliver the right and valuable information. 

5R’s of Merchandising

Focus on the rights (R’s) of merchandising which are as follows;

  • The Right Product
  • At the Right Place
  • At the Right Time
  • In the Right Quantities
  • At Right Pricing

E-commerce retailers should live by these 5R’s if they want to experience success. It is important for the e-retailers to present the right merchandise/product, in the right place, at the right time in the right quantities at the right prices. You need to know what people want, and when they want. 


Let’s now talk about some of the most effective e-commerce merchandising strategies that will help e-retailers to generate sales while enhancing the customer experience. 

Top 5 E-Commerce Merchandising Strategies

Strategy 1: Make Products Easily Discoverable

Whenever you’re on a website, you’re always attracted to products which are easily visible while searching. One of the most important strategy that is applied in e-commerce merchandising is to make the products easily discoverable on your website so that consumers’ experience of shopping becomes easier. This strategy is important if you want the buyers to buy the right product. Make sure that the products you have displayed on your website carry proper tags and captions. Feature new items on your page every now and then to grab customer’s attention.

Strategy 2: Apply Cross-Selling Strategy

In the world of e-commerce merchandising, the cross-selling strategy is one of the most frequently used tactics. In a cross-selling strategy, online e-commerce stores display additional products for the customers other than the primary product which the customers can add to their cart. For example, if you’re buying a crop top, the website would suggest you which type of pants, shoes, and accessories will go with it. The average order value of your website increases when the cross-selling strategy is applied. Many e-commerce retailers make use of this strategy in order to increase sales revenue. Some are afraid to use this strategy because they do not want to seem like a typical salesman. However, it’s just that you’re displaying complementary products for the customers other than their primary product and not forcing them to buy. 

Another example is that you’re buying a camera as a primary product, the website using cross-sell strategy will also offer complementary products to you like a camera bag and accessories. 

Strategy 3: Highlight User-Generated Content

Customers are more attracted to buying your products when they see honest customer reviews and pictures shared by them. Therefore, it is important to highlight user-generated content under every product along with its ratings and reviews. Promoting user-generated content on your website increases the credibility of the seller, established trust, and raise brand awareness among the people. This is a free tool that will help to build trust for your brand and creates a positive word of mouth. You can further enhance user engagement by making use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Strategy 4: Offer a Wide Range of Products and Write Good Product Descriptions

Make your website a one-stop-shop! Offer a wide range of products to your customers so that they do not have to switch to other sites. Make sure that the customers are getting relevant searches related to their products. Writing great product descriptions are also essential for your website. The visitors on your website always click on the product to read and discover more about it. Correct product descriptions are also important. Make sure you’re using the right grammar and spellings. Write descriptions in short paragraphs rather than using long paragraphs. The pictures you upload should be bright and attractive as well. Hence, e-commerce merchandising is all about how you sell your products through pictures, descriptions, and variety. 

Strategy 5: Use Ribbon Overlays to Drive Impulse Buying

As an e-commerce retailer, you can always make use of ribbon overlays which is a digital sticker applied to individual products in order to visually display something about the product. For example, the best seller product, out of stock, limited stock, and top-rated products. Making use of ribbon overlays for this will help you attract more buyers. You can also make use of videos in order to convey tangible information regarding the product. Hence, making use of ribbon overlays drives impulse buying. 

In conclusion, e-commerce merchadising strategies and their successful execution is what will set your business apart from competitors. Understanding the needs of the customers and translating them into different strategies will help your business expand and generate sales. E-commerce merchandising strategies are perhaps one of the most efficient ways of attracting customers and increasing company sales.

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