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Over 10 year’s experience in Pakistan and over 1000 graduates or enrollments on our courses; CILT’s expertise can help you attain your goals as an innovative teacher in medical and higher education.

  • 10 years
  • 1000+ Lecturers
  • 12 International Publications
  • 30+ Faculty Members

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Our Mission
Provide high-quality, internationally recognized educational training to professional medical and university teachers for a positive impact on the economic and social development of Pakistan.

Formation of CILT
– Dr Janet Strivens and Dr Ian Willis (faculty of the University of Liverpool, UK) have been actively engaged in medical education in Punjab since 2009.
– Professor Arif Khawaja coordinated the successful bid for a British Council – HEC grant to 2011 to ‘Enhance Learning and Teaching in Medical Education in Punjab’. This was a three-year project.
– CILT was formed in 2018 as an independent organisation to offer the improved ICMT course.
– CILT entered a partnership with Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad in 2019 to offer a fuller ranger of courses in medical and higher education, including the International Certificate in University Teaching (ICUT).
– The aim is to offer ICMT and ICUT throughout Pakistan and internationally.
– Application for international accreditation for ICMT is underway


International Certificate in Medical teaching. ICMT exists to help improve learning and teaching in medical education in Pakistan. To help you find the hidden teacher within. We have been on this mission for 10 years: local medical Educators.

International Certificate in University Teaching ICUT extends the CILT vision to all higher education in Pakistan. To help improve learning and teaching. To help you find the hidden teacher within. Again, it is active learning and practical ways.

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