Introducing Advanced Datagenix Mobile Application

Datagenix Mobile Application

Datagenix Mobile Application is an application for keeping in touch with the news and media.

Upgrade Your Business Experience with DATAGENIX

Powerful, Yet Simple – Sophisticated, Yet Intuitive

Introducing Advanced Datagenix

Datagenix Mobile application uses a sign-up and login panel. A user can make an account and sign up, after which their profile information is stored in the database. User can now log in to their account. It also uses biometric system for login for further convenience.
After logging in, the user is taken to their home page. Dashboard is divided into Alert, Search, Report and Accounts.


In this panel, you can view news notifications and see what’s currently trending.


In the search panel, you can search for the news you are looking for.


In report panel you can see various reports like top 5s, graphs and weekly reports of news outlets.

Watch Your Favorite News Channel Anywhere Anytime

Always be at comfort without worry

Different News Channels

It comes with various different news outlets to browse from. You can view any of these news channels anywhere, anytime at ease.

Minimalist Design

Minimal yet versatile design allows the user to browse through the app with relative ease, without confusion or discomfort.

User Friendly

The app has all the necessary features that a user might require.

Aesthetic and Powerful-The Entire Ocean of News in a Single App

Stay on the right newsfeed and entertain yourself without any hassle.

Use DATAGENIX app to your leisure and advantage. With its advanced features, you won’t miss anything be it surface level output or in depth detail

Be on lookout

Never miss out on anything import. Our app will give user reminders and alerts to make sure nothing goes under the radar.

Follow the flow

Watch the latest trends. Trending topics will help you explore and open up new interests.

In Depth View

There are additional graphs and charts to help the user for an in depth view. They view all detailed aspects of their chosen media and have a thorough analysis.


Top Speed


Horse Power


pound-feet of torque


pound-feet of torque

Key Features:

Datagenix offers you a mobile app with a versatile toolkit required for a creative user experience.


  • User can log in with their email and password
  • Also comes with biometric login.

Data Management

  • Many channels to view from.
  • Generate graphs and reports.
  • View details in an organized pattern

Technology Stack


  • Flutter based application.
  • Android and IOS hybrid.
  • Node JS used in backend.

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