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Mareekh.Pk is a multivendor online Shopping Store provide the different electronics product. If offers a wide range of hardware and appliances for everyday use. It is convenient and customer friendly.

Technologies Stack:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • WordPress


Why Mareekh.pk?

There are many other websites that offer what Mareekh.pk can, so you might want to ask yourself why choose us? It is because we make your choices easier. If you want something, you don’t have to needlessly headache over what exact specifications you need in that product. Although our products range might be versatile, but different versions of the same product aren’t that much.
It makes your choices minimize and easy to shop.

Customer Benefits:
Mareekh.pk comes with rich market of benefits for the customers. We love the satisfaction of our customers and want the best shop experience they can have. We offer home delivery to your doorstep, making shopping viable. Our customers can choose one way to pay or another. We offer customers the right to review. They can provide us with feedbacks and in case of any emergency, they can always contact our team and get their problems sorted out. In addition to this, we also offer special discounts based on customers’ demands. This allows easy purchase to otherwise not purchasable products.
It also helps in the growth of our website and its expansion in the long run

The visuals of our websites are aesthetically remarkable. The graphics serve their purpose of attracting the audience and keep them interested. It increases our reach and helps increase the traffic. Our each post has minimalist design to keep it brief and to the point. The graphic elements cover all aspects of the related post. Giving sufficient information required.

How it works?
You have to create an account in Mareekh.PK website. It will enable you to order products. After creating an account, you can add product/s to your carts and
then proceed to checkout. You can either pay with your card or have the fee paid upon the product’s arrival. If the delivery fails due to some unforeseen circumstance, you’ll be
given a full refund. In order to make sure that you’ll receive your product, you can contact our team for any inquiries.

Main Features that are being offered in Mareekh.pk:

  • Low prices due to the cut out of middleman
  • Multiple option electronic product option
  • Discounts products
  • Product Delivery
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy Web open