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Million Mart Mobile Application


Million Mart mobile is an e-commerce mobile app. User can sign-up or login to get access to necessary features for buying and selling. User can view various products categorized in different categories. Million Mart offers many features to aid and assist the user. Be it language or currency change, search by voice, image or keywords, suggesting items by listing it in trending, new arrival, featured, deals, collections or sales and many more.

Technology Stack:

  • Flutter (Dart)
  • SQL Lite
  • Firebase


A user needs to first sign up with an authentic account to have their related credentials stored in the website’s database so that they can shop more freely. They need to provide their login info, credential info and payment info.

The user can search the type of product they want through the search bar. There they’ll have to search by keywords, image or voice. The results will show the product or similar to description by the user. User can select any product for further inquiries.
User can also search multiple searches at the same time. It helps shop better and easily if you have preplanned products in mind and have no time to search around individually.

User can store product in cart or wish-list. In cart, user can either add or remove a product they want or don’t. And if they really want to purchase they can proceed to checkout through cart, where after filling necessary information on payment method, they can confirm the order. If they don’t want to buy a product anytime soon but still want to keep that product relevant for future purchase, they can add it on wish-list.

If a user is struggling to choose between two or more items, they can simply compare. The compare option allows the site to tell the user about relative pros and cons of the products they have selected. This helps to make shopping easier.

User can even market their products on Million Mart. All they have to do is to make a vendor account and provide the necessary details on what they are selling. It also supports multiple vendors by the same party.

Admin can log in to admin, where they can monitor the site activities through their dashboard. They can see all sales and purchases, keep track of supplies and inventories, record customers and vendors.
Their control help site to perform better and more efficient.

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