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Sib360 SMS is an online site which a user can use to manage academic business. It helps and manage all organizational hierarchy of any school.

All-In-One LMS:
Manage your staff, teachers, students, admissions, HRM, classrooms, schedules, library, transport, dormitory and much more. The Sib360 LMS is a complete end-to-end solution for your schooling system.
Online Classes, Exams and Learning:
Experience the latest learning environment with online virtual classrooms, video-call assignments, learning material and much more. Students and parents can see their progress, fee, schedule and events.

Technology Stack:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP (CodeIgniter)
  • MySQL


User needs to sign up like any other ordinary site. After their sign-up has been confirmed, they can log in or out anytime. The credentials are saved in the database for future.
After logging in, you are sent to the dashboard. User can toggle dashboard to use various features.

Cloud/Offline Mode:
Experience a POS system that can work without any internet.
Advanced Reporting:
Grow your business with our advanced reporting feature. The POS reporting feature gives you a high level view of your business, as well as allowing you to get into the tiniest of the details.

Video Conferencing:
It allows you to connect with all your employees and students from all around the world.

Virtual Classroom:
Arrange virtual classrooms for your students and efficiently deliver the course agenda on time.
Certificates, Promotions and Exams:
Use our LMS system exclusively to present certificates to students, notify about promotions and conducting exams.

Customize your portal completely to match with your brand or institute.

Key Features:
Institution Management:
User Management:
Students, Teachers, Admins
Accountant, Librarian, Driver and more
Profile and Login Management
Roles and Access Control
Notification Management:
Digital Notice Board
Automated Email System
Auto SMS Alerts
Event Management
Access Control Management:
Roles Management
Roles with Different Permissions
Unlimited Staffs, Students & Roles

Self Management:
Comprehensive Dashboard
Calendar for Events, Class, Exams
To-Do Lists

Human Resource Management:
Unlimited Staff Members
Add Multiple Designations
Staff Directory and Profiles
Attendance Management of Staff
Payroll Management
Payroll Report
Manage Leaves and Holidays
Approve/Decline Leave Request

Campus Management:
Inventory Management
Dormitory/Hostel Management
Library Management System
Transport Management
Manage Credit Balance

Mobile Application:
Responsive Web

Every User can Log in
Admin, Staff, Students, Parents, Teacher
View and Update Information
Academics Management:
Subject Management:
Create Subjects List
Define Grades/Levels
Attach Class-Teacher
Define Course Content
Upload Study Material
Create Assignments
Manage Syllabus
Classroom Management:
Manage Virtual Classrooms
Physical Room Numbers
Assign Subjects
Attach Class-Teacher
Class Timetable
Exam Timetable
Attendance Management
Examination Management:
Create Exam Online/Offline
Timetable of Exams
Exam Attendance
Marks and Grade book
Seating Plan
Auto-generated Email Alerts
Send Result Card via SMS
Schedule Notice
Auto Promotion
Virtual Classroom:
Video Conference
Zoom Integration
Upload Study Material
Online Assignment Submission
Online Quizzes Creations + Submissions
Online Polling System
Chat – Subject-wise/Classroom-wise
Chatting at Individual Level
Examination Management

Homework Management:
Upload Homework
Evaluate Homework
Administrative Section:

Students Admissions:
Generate Assembly Query
Online Admission Forms
Create New Student LMS Profile
Student ID card Generator

Academic Settings:
Generate Student Certificates
Manage Staff, Students and Parents
Manage Classroom, Subjects and Exams
Student Promotions

Postal Receive
Postal Dispatch
Phone Log Record
Visitor’s Book & Gate Pass
Complaints Management

Campus Settings:
Library, Dormitory & Transport Management
Event Management
Payment Settings
Language Settings
Email & SMS Settings
Fronted Website Settings
System Settings
Accounting and Reporting:

Fee Collection:
Fee Payment and Collection
Due Fee Alerts
Define Types of Fee
Student Fine Collection
Fine Management
Fee Statement
Generate Invoices
Fee Carry Forward

Reporting System:
Student Report and History
Guardian Report
Student Login Report
Fees Statement
Balance Fees Report
Transaction Report
Class Report
Exam Routine Report
Teacher Class Routine
Merit List Report
Online Exam Report
Mark Sheet Report
Tabulation Sheet Report
Progress Card Report
Student Fine Report
User and Staff Log
Attendance Report

Accounting Dashboard
Expense Management
Profit, Income, Expense Report
Payment Methods
Bank Account Details
Payment Ledger Report

Multi User Portal:
Teacher Portal:
Add Homework, Assignments, Quizzes
Evaluate Class work, Exams
Upload Study Material
Add Syllabus
Manage Students
Examination Management
Mark Attendance

Student Portal:
Virtual Classroom
Online Submissions
Download Study Material
Chat rooms
Video Conferences
Online Exams
Invoices, Fees, Fines
Online Payments
Parents Portal
Children marks,
View Timetable
Online Payments
Communication with Teachers
View Child’s Attendance
Homework, Classroom View

Leaves Management:
Add Leave Request
Leave Types
Admin/Teacher Approval/Disapproval
Leave Status
Campus Management:

Add Books List
Add Member
Manage Books Category
Issue Books
Issue Library Card

Define Routes
Add Vehicles/Buses
Assign Vehicles to Drivers
Assign Students to a Route
Schedule/Route Management

Add and Manage Items
Define Item Categories
Vendor Management
Logistics Management
Purchases and Sales
Faulty Item Management

Dormitory Rooms
Define Type of Rooms
Assign Students to Dorms
Rooms Monitoring
Student Dorms Reports