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We’re more than a pest control company. We protect your brand, your customers, your employees and the environment in which you do business.

  • Go Green
  • Online Reporting
  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Risk Assessments & Consulting

Technology Stack:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress


Sprague has been family owned and operated since 1926. We owe our longevity to our dedicated and talented people. We are obsessed with finding new ways to be indispensable to you – and our loyal clients, who just keep multiplying.

Almost a century later, we’re recognized industry-wide as true innovators in pest management and prevention. But even as we grow, we hold fast to our roots and the belief that we’re not just here to vanquish pests, we’re here to help keep businesses alive and well.

“We’ve got that” is our way of saying we’re going to take care of you, too.

We’re as tough on ourselves as we are on pests.
As innovators and industry leaders, Sprague is dedicated to solving the toughest 10% of pest control issues. Through ongoing research, rigorous testing, innovative solutions, and meticulous execution, we never stop improving our results. In-house Sprague entomologists work with universities, industry thought leaders, and our tireless operations team to discover smarter ways of tackling pest challenges. Put simply, we’re the perfect combination of dreamers and doers.

Digital done right
Technology is our friend, and we employ it with expert precision. Sprague’s client portal, digital logbooks, remote sensing, data-driven analysis, and advanced reporting – all work reduce your risk. We give all our clients transparent access to account information, not just a select few. It helps them make the right decisions based on the most accurate information. Web-based and device-agnostic applications give clients full access when they want it, regardless of their hardware or internal IT systems.

Dreaming works
Our COO said it best: “Sprague should be a place where everyone’s dreams fit inside.” Here, we’re all accountable to pursue our highest aspirations. Professional development, personal fulfillment, an inclusive culture, friendships, and making the world a better place happen here every day. This happens by getting better first, then bigger with sharp focus on quality.

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