Watch Out For These Top 5 Startups of 2020 To Learn Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Watch Out For These Top 5 Startups of 2020 To Learn Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Here’s a list of top 5 startups of 2020 you need to know about!

1.  Afresh

In the grocery industry, there is tons of food wasted every year and as a result, there is a loss in profits. Afresh is a San Francisco based startup which helps the stores to cut down on waste food by optimizing their fresh food inventories. It empowers the grocers with to boost their fresh food sales, eliminate waste products and double the profitability. The company uses artificial intelligence and revolutionary approach to ordering fresh, forecasting and operations of the stores. The use of AI helps in the process of decision making by addressing the lack of perpetually accurate inventory. Some of the major customers of Afresh are WinCo Foods, Fresh Thyme and Heinen’s grocery store.

2.  AirGarage

For all the parking owners, here’s the solution – AirGarage. It is a parking operator that has been built for the 21st century with the aim of working to repurpose occupied parking in American cities by 30%. The process of parking has been fully optimized by this startup where the business owners and public buildings like churches can rent out their parking spaces to drivers on demand. It also helps driveway owners to rent out their unused parking spaces to college students who want to park their vehicles on an affordable cost. However, later the company targeted the bigger problems of parking in different cities of USA.

3.  Gladly

Gladly is another leading tech startup in Silicon Valley that aims at enhancing customer service experience. It is the only customer-centric platform that provides people with an improved experience. Since it is central to the customers, the services are personalized according to the needs of the customers. The company helps business to boost their efficiency, increase revenues and reduce costs. Some of the well-renowned businesses are the customers of this startup such as Tory Burch, Ulta Beauty, Ralph Lauren, and Porsche.

4.  Envoy

Want to make your workplaces safe? Contact Envoy. When running a business, it is important to look after your employees and ensure that they are working in a healthy and productive environment. Envoy is now a part of thousands of offices across the USA which helps people to reduce their workload and experience a bright day. For example, it offers the facility of touchless sign-in. Anyone who is coming at your office’s front door, use Envoy to create a touchless sign in to reduce germs and welcome your customers with great care. This has become mainstream especially during the pandemic. The employees or visitors can easily sign up with their Envoy Mobile App or with the help QR code scanner.

5.  Instabase

“Instabase” is a startup that has helped companies to streamline and automate the complex document processes. This platform has facilitated the development of entirely new types of workflows. It will also help you to access information in complex documents. It is a complete platform where teams are able to solve unsolvable problems. The customers of Instabase include Standard Chartered Bank, Tribe Capital, and Index Ventures. The vision of the company is to reinvent those business process which creates a hindrance in the business operations.

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