Top Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management

Top Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Management

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With the advancement of technology, there has been a development of various tools that have made personal as well as work-life easier. In this modern era of technology, collaboration tools are on rising.

When working in a professional environment, it is important for the employees to achieve their goals and targets efficiently. If it’s not happening, then the organization definitely needs to update their collaboration tools. Collaboration tools allow employees to accomplish their goals rapidly and accurately. There is a substantial amount of collaboration tools present online which helps you achieve your work goals. From communication to project management, collaboration tools provide users with a wide array of features which not only helps in the accomplishment of tasks but also boosts their productivity.

For the success of a team in organizations, there are some critical factors which need to be taken into account. These critical factors include teamwork, collaboration and productivity. An enhanced way of collaboration means that the team is able to communicate effectively and the coordination among them will be scaled up. But for this, you need the right collaboration tool.

Importance of Collaboration Tools

The question that now arises is why one should use a collaboration tool? There are many reasons which highlight the importance of collaboration tools and why they need to be used in organizations.

  • Firstly, online collaboration tools help organizations to save on time and money. These tools are able to connect remote workers as well.
  • Secondly, the workflow and other processes going on during the project are streamlined as a result of using collaboration tools. It gives a boost to the productivity of team members who are working in the office as well as working from home.
  • The security of the projects is taken care of while using online collaboration tools. For example, these tools allow you to share and provide access to sensitive data or information by using password protection.
  • Online collaboration tools help you to collaborate with people in real-time unlike the traditional tools of collaboration like e-mails. You can communicate in real-time with people even if they are located around different parts of the world.

Today, due to the spread of corona-virus, many companies have offered their employees to work from home while having the least impact on their productivity. These collaboration tools have helped remote workers to connect with each other efficiently while communicating directly with each other and working together on projects. Collaboration means improved efficiency and increased productivity but this will only happen if you are using the right tool for collaboration. The tool you choose must be accessible to employees from not only desktops but also their mobile phones.

Let’s talk about some of the top online collaboration tools which focus on improving your efficiency and productivity.

1.  Trello

A collaboration tool that is popular among many teams is Trello. Trello is an online collaboration software tool which has exemplary functionalities, user-friendly interface and useful features. It is one of the most competitive tools present online that allows the team to prioritize and organize their work projects in a flexible manner. This tool is supported by both iOS and Android. Some of the highlighting features of the tools are as follows;

  • Trello allows you to work with any team. Whether you are using it for work or planning a family trip, Trello is always there to keep your organized
  • Use Trello cards to add information, due dates, attachments and comments.
  • It offers free sign-up

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2.  Office 365

Office 365 is one of the common names you’ve heard of. It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind upon hearing collaboration but the importance of this tool is unmatched. Microsoft office still is the most used software in this world where there are competitors like G-Suite present. There are a number of packages available which allows the team to perform collaborative editing. However, what makes Office 365 different from others is that it is a cloud-hosted platform which is not only compatible with Windows but also with Mac, iOS and Android. The basic business package starts from $5 and goes up to $20 for premium subscription per month. For detailed packages and pricing, click here.

3.  Slack

I can bet that there is no one working in the business environment who hasn’t heard the name of ‘Slack’. This platform is one of the mainstream collaboration platforms used in organizations around the world. This tool allows people to communicate through open communication channels. Multiple channels can be made for different types of projects and topics under discussion. The tool is easy to use and navigation is much easier. You can also message directly to your colleagues and create private channels with a small number of people. These online collaboration tools allow all the employees to easily communicate with each other and get real-time responses. The sharing of files and other documents is easy. Some of the prominent features of the tools are as follows;

  • You can easily access chat history
  • It allows you to work in collaboration with other companies
  • Everything is happening on the channel where you can talk about individual topics, projects or impersonal communications.

4.  Flowdock

Flowdock is also one of the top collaboration tools used in multiple companies. This tool has aligned the collaboration of teams in organizations. This tool helps you to prioritize your work, organize, and search problems with teams across different parts of the world and time zones. Efficient teams always need focus, hence, Flowdock allows them to have a purposeful collaboration. Some of the prominent features of the tool are as follows;

  • The tool allows you to have an organized collaboration.
  • The feature of an integrated inbox allows Flowdock to keep the team focused on one topic
  • Allows private communications with your team members.
  • Offers a 30-day free trial

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5.  Asana

This online collaboration software tool was developed in 2008 which allows teams and organizations to streamline their workflow. Using this tool, you can create a shared space where you can see what other team members are doing. Share files, documents, plans, tasks, and much more to work towards accomplishing goals. It allows the team to stay in synchronization while completing deadlines and moving closer towards their ultimate goals. The following highlights some of the key features of the tool which has attracted many teams;

  • The tool allows you to set strategic goals and track your progress
  • Build your own Gantt Chart
  • Monitor the workload; the work team members are doing in a specific project.
  • Easy to use tools and features which streamlines your daily work

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6.  Podio

Podio is well-known for making the work-flows of an organization smarter and structured. It is a customizable and flexible platform for work and communicating with the teams. This online tool allows you to divide work among team members and organize large piles of work. With the help of this tool, you can organize your work, track the progress of your work and get instant feedback on your tasks. This online tool works effectively with file sharing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and Sharefile. The tool fosters great team culture by making the work transparent among team members, making it more interactive and enjoyable.

7.  Wrike

Wrike is another famous online collaboration tool used by business and teams in order to boost their productivity and enhance their efficiency. This application provides enterprise graded project management solutions which are suitable for both small scale and large scale companies. The project viewer displays all the information which is important to the team members such as in-review, approved and completed tasks. The benefits of the tool are as follows;

  • It is one single platform for all your work
  • User-friendly navigation on the page
  • Up to date security measures
  • Mobile app available which allows you to monitor and track progress anytime anywhere.

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