Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Designing Business Cards

Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Designing Business Cards

What to do when designing a business card?

Mistakes are a common part of life. They can even occur when you’re designing a business card.  Your business card has to look good and appealing if you want people to actually take help from your business. With the help of your business cards, you have to convince strangers that your business is worth the try.

Business cards are one of the most common marketing tools you have in your hands. When people return from a meeting with your organization, the business card helps them to remember your name. Due to this, even a small mistake on your business card takes away a good impression.

Business cards are small and have limited space to write on them. Therefore, you have to design them in a way that sells the skills of your business. It kind of creates a first impression on strangers regarding your organization. If your business card has mistakes on it or has a poor design, it reflects an unprofessional behavior on the part of your organization. Hence, it drives away your prospects.

Let’s talk about some of the important mistakes that you need to avoid while designing your business card.

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing business cards

Avoid Omitting Important Information on your Business Card

The main purpose of your business card is to allow people to contact you with the help of the given information. Your business card acts as a source of contact information, hence, do not omit important information. It does not matter how attractive your card looks, omitting important information is detrimental to the image of your company.

Include important information like name of the business, personal name, designation, personal contact number, email, address, social media handles, business number, and business e-mail address. Make sure to include all sources of contact information because different people are comfortable with different communication channels.

Avoid Mistakes and Typos in Information

If your business cards have typos and mistakes, it will create a bad impression on your potential customers. It reflects as if you don’t care about your business matters. Before you send your cards for printing, cross-check every detail over and over again to avoid mistakes and typos.

Moreover, use fonts that are readable. Making use of overly creative design and fonts takes the essence of the business card away.

Avoid Using Poor Quality Card

Do not save money when it comes to printing business cards. Ensure that your business card is printed on good paper material. If you have a poor quality business card, it will reflect that your business has poor products and services. This pushes away your potential customers. Obviously, you don’t want your business card information to wash away from just a drop of water. Therefore, make sure you use proper quality printing materials for your business cards.

Avoid Small Fonts

Your business card is of no purpose if the information on it is unreadable and tiny. People will not bother to use a magnifying glass to read your business card, they’ll simply throw it away. Before sending your business cards for printing, make sure that the fonts are readable enough for a normal person. Cross-check the writing size by printing one card first. If you are using any images, make sure they are visible and high in quality.

Avoid Poor Color Schemes

Making use of poor color choices can destroy the appeal of your business card. Avoid making use of a color scheme that does not match your business. Ensure that your business card has a balanced design. For example, making use of bright colors on your business card can be a disaster. Therefore, choose the color scheme for your business card wisely.

Lack of Branding

It is important to build a brand story while designing your business cards because that will help your business to outstand other businesses in the market. If your card has appealing branding, the prospects are more likely to recall your business. The business card design should be consistent with the overall design and concept of your business. Adding a brand to your business card increases your company’s recognition.

Avoid Adding Old Information

Make sure that when you are designing your business card, you avoid adding old and outdated information. Do not add phone numbers that are out of service. Do not add your previous or old designation. Share accurate and working contact information. The investment on business cards is low but its impact is far-reaching on customers. Providing customers with old information.

Not Adding a Unique Value Proposition

There are many organizations that fail to take complete advantage of a business card. They are unable to exploit the full potential of a business card. Not adding a unique selling value proposition is one of the mistakes they make. Your card should list down one main reason and a strong point that why the customers should do business with you.

Pro Tip: Always try out samples while designing your business card to avoid these mistakes.

While designing business cards, make sure you follow these tips, to avoid losing prospects. Business card design makes a very strong first impression on your prospects; only you have to decide that whether the impression is going to be negative or positive.

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