Top 5 Tips And Tricks to Write Kick-Ass Blog For Your Website

How to write kick ass blog for your website

Top 5 Tips And Tricks to Write Kick-Ass Blog For Your Website

Tired of procrastinating while writing?

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There are many people out there who have taken up blogging as their career. If you are writing topics which are of your reader’s interest, then definitely your website is going to generate more traffic. A good blog post is the basis of a successful website. When you are writing informative content for your readers and something that guides them, you are definitely going to attract potential prospects.

Initially coming up with a good blog post is a complex process. It is not easy to produce your first blog post. The process of blogging is slow and steady. There are millions of articles published every day online but there are few which are rated high and are trending on search engines like Google. Once you know the art of writing blogs and choosing topics to write on, you can do wonders in this field.

Not only you want readers to like your content but you also want Google to love your content as well. So what should you follow after thinking about what to write?

Follow these steps to write some amazing blog posts to attract your followers and gain popularity on search engines;


Choose an attractive and powerful title

The title of your blog should be written in a way that would attract the readers on your blog. Your title is the first thing that the reader is going to read and encourage them to click. A powerful headline makes sure that your readers read what you’ve written.

For example: “Top Free SEO Tools to Enhance Marketing” is a catchy headline which readers will definitely click on to gain knowledge about free tools.

Identify a Particular Topic

While writing a blog, you need to know and work out on specific topics that are relevant to your niche and target audience. The topic you choose should be informative and helpful to the readers so that they keep coming back to your website. Make sure you research in-depth before writing. You need to research trending keywords, topics and ideas which will help you decide your topic. Brainstorm all the ideas and then narrow them down to generate one topic. The topic you’re writing about should be properly structured and well-written in an organized manner so that it is easy for the readers as well as search engines to rank your blog post.

Identify Target Audience

When writing a blog or any article, it is important for the writer to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the target audience. It will help the writer to customize and write blogs and articles according to them. If you know your target readers, it will become easy for you to brainstorm topics. Writing evergreen blog posts is very useful because that is something readers would always need. For example, writing recipes on a food blog. Readers will always come back for recipes whenever they feel like cooking.

The greater you have experience in blogging, the more you know your audience. Hence, as your experience in blogging increases, you will have an increased understanding of your target audience.

Make Use of Keywords

While writing a blog, it is important to include relevant, and unique keywords. Keywords are extremely important for search engine optimization. Keywords are the words or phrases visitors write in search queries when searching for any topic. For example, if I am planning to cook Chicken Cordon Bleu, I will write “Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe” in Google search box. Whenever readers want to know about something, they will be writing that in search queries, hence it makes adding keywords essential in the blog post.

Attractive Introduction

You need to make sure that you have captured the attention of the readers. You not only have to work on making your title attractive but also have to make your introduction compelling in order to make the readers hooked to your blog post. Start with an anecdote or a memorable experience that will interest your readers and scroll down the blog.

Pro tip: Make your writing easily readable and be unique with your own style.

Did you get it? Now go write some kick-ass blogs to attract an audience!

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